Wanda Klein

Absent from 22 July to 7 August en 11 to 23 August.

Wanda Klein is a GZ psychologist and works in basic mental health care. In addition to EMDR and schema-therapeutic interventions, she also works with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is applied to issues such as control needs, anxiety and mood complaints. An important part of ACT is mindfulness and researching values.

Wanda joined the Dutch Association for GZ Psychologists (NVGZP), EMDR Netherlands Association (VEN), Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences (ACBS BeNe).

Psyche and Pregnancy treatment days:
Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Contract with Zilveren Kruis.

Practice address
Rokin 98-I,1012 KZ Amsterdam
Ruysdaelstraat 49 A1 H, 1071 XA Amsterdam