Psyche en Zwangerschap is a web portal to information on healthcare for pregnant women and new mothers and their spouses with mild to moderate psychological symptoms, and for women experiencing mental health problems during a fertility process.

The self-employed healthcare psychologists working with Psyche en Zwangerschap have expertise in and an affinity for the full range of psychological issues associated with pregnancy. They are also Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapists.

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The treatment concept of Psyche en Zwangerschap focuses mainly on clients with mild to moderate psychological complaints. Read more >>

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Referring your client


As a referrer, it is important to know that Psyche en Zwangerschap is a knowledge, information and referral center for psychologists who focus on the care of pregnant and recently given women and of women with mental disorders during a fertility process.

The GZ psychologists who are affiliated with us have knowledge of and affinity with this target group and are also EMDR therapists.


Training for professionals


When someone is pregnant and gives birth, it is a special period that usually comes with feelings of happiness and joy.

But it is also a period in which psychological complaints can occur. Research shows that 1 in 6 women have psychological complaints during or just after giving birth. Only a fraction of them seek help.

As a result, Merith Cohen de Lara – founder of Psyche en Zwangerschap – has developed a number of courses.

Vision and mission

Psyche en Zwangerschap is a franchise company in the healthcare sector. She provides GZ psychologists with knowledge and information and has a consultation and information function for referrers.

She also helps referrers and clients to find GZ psychologists who specialize in treating the target group.

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