Rates and insurers

In 2020 you are entitled to reimbursement of many forms of psychological help in the Generalist Basic GGZ (GB-GGZ) under the basic insurance. You do not have to pay a personal contribution, but the reimbursement does fall under the statutory deductible excess.

The extent to which the treatment is reimbursed depends on the severity of the complaints. The intake interview is always reimbursed if there is a referral from the general practitioner. The intake will always consist of at least one interview, sometimes one or more diagnostic questionnaires will be used.

Based on the criteria set by the government, the psychologist will be eligible for reimbursed care based on your diagnosis and which treatment program of the GB-GGZ will suit your complaints.

1) GB-GGZ card 294 minutes
2) GB-GGZ average 495 minutes
3) GB-GGZ intensive 750 minutes

Everything must be done within the duration of the chosen treatment process: consultations, administration, diagnostics, consultation with the general practitioner, telephone contact, e-mail contact, consultation with specialists, etc. Occasionally, the intake will show that referral (via the GP) to a Specialist Mental Healthcare is required. These treatments are always reimbursed.

Some minor complaints, such as adjustment disorders, work and relationship problems, are excluded from general basic care insurance. If this is established on the basis of your complaints during the reimbursed intake, a referral to the GP may occur. The help that the GP can provide with the POH-GGZ may then be sufficient.

If you choose to receive treatment from the relevant psychologist, you must pay for the treatment yourself, possibly under the supplementary insurance.

Check with the relevant psychologist what rate is charged for the non-reimbursed care. In the case of non-reimbursed care, you will of course not have to deal with the statutory excess.

The deductible (for all types of health care from the basic insurance) will amount to € 385 per calendar year for everyone in 2020. You pay the deductible to the health insurer.

See also: https://www.zorgwijzer.nl/vergoeding/psychologie


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