Rates and insurers

Some psychologists have contracts with health insurers (a contracted psychologist) and some psychologists do not (a non-contracted or ‘contractvrije‘ psychologist). In both cases, a deductible must be paid. If you want to be eligible for full reimbursement with one of them, a ‘restitutie’ policy is needed. With a ‘natura’ policy a part is reimbursed. Here you will find what your insurer reimburses. On our website you can see which contracts our psychologists have.

Usually 5 to 10 sessions are sufficient. Sometimes the process can be even shorter and sometimes it is necessary to continue the conversations a little longer. The frequency of the conversations also differs from person to person. After the intake, the psychologist will discuss with you approximately how many sessions you will need.

NZa-rates 2024 gz-psychologist (maximum)
Prestatiecode Consultation Type Duration Rate
CO0302 Diagnostics 30 114,20
CO0432 Diagnostics 45 159,70
CO0562 Diagnostics 60 183,44
CO0692 Diagnostics 75 223,48
CO0822 Diagnostics 90 274,01
CO0952 Diagnostics 120 380,13
CO0367 Therapy 30 146,41
CO0497 Therapy 45 135,89
CO0627 Therapy 60 161,46
CO0757 Therapy 75 198,72
CO0887 Therapy 90 242,76
CO1017 Therapy 120 346,41
OV0007 Peer consultation short > 5 25,05
OV0008 Peer consultation long > 15 76,35
OV0012 Consultation non-basic package care 131,82
T C0009 Travel time till 25 min 34,76
T C0010 Travel time from 25 min 89,63
  Group therapy Duration Rate
GC0102 5 attendees 15 13,20
GC0110 6 attendees 15 11,00
GC0118 7 attendees 15 9,43
GC0126 8 attendees 15 8,25
GC0134 9 attendees 15 7,33
GC0142 10 attendees 15 6,60

Psyche en Zwangerschap is not a treatment institution but a referral and knowledge center. All psychologists affiliated with Psyche en Zwangerschap are independent GZ psychologists.

See also: https://www.zorgwijzer.nl/vergoeding/psychologie


This information has been compiled with the utmost care and attention; Psyche en Zwangerschap is however liable neither for any errors nor any ambiguities.