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Clients can only register for treatment by completing the registration form below. Referrers can fill in the registration form together with their client.

The waiting list is currently approximately 8/10 weeks. Merith Cohen de Lara doesn’t take new clients. The waiting list for an online treatment is 1/2 weeks. There is no waiting list for an online or a group treatment.
A number of psychologists from Prezens/InGeest and Arkin Basic GGZ have recently taken a course with Merith Cohen de Lara and they had no waiting list. Perhaps they can see you earlier:
– Prezens/InGeest:
– Arkin Basis GGZ:

Applications are processed three times a week. After processing your application, you will be contacted by telephone or e-mail. For urgent questions, please send an email to

Contract-free psychologists often do not have a waiting list at all. At least half of the basic mental health care is generally reimbursed, regardless of what policy you have. Read more about rates and Insurers >>.

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