Child desire and fertility trajectory

Getting pregnant is an uncontrollable and unpredictable process, especially if fertility treatment is needed. Moreover, the fact that getting pregnant is not automatic can feel unfair and unjust. If you have trouble dealing with this, psychological complaints can arise.

Gloom and fear occur, but also relational and sexological problems. Psyche and Zwangerschap helps women and their partners deal with sometimes intense feelings and thoughts during the fertility process.

The treatment concept of Psyche en Zwangerschap focuses mainly on clients with mild to moderate psychological complaints. Lighter complaints also deserve treatment, because short-term treatment can prevent problems in the future.

Practical example

A 34-year-old woman had depression and an unfulfilled desire to have children. Together with the client the therapist explored the extent to which the woman’s unfulfilled desire to have children was the reason for the onset and persistence of her depression. Both her medical history and fertility trajectory were fully explored. The woman’s partner was also invited for an appointment to examine his position in the process and they were dealing with the issues together.