Merith Cohen de Lara

Merith Cohen de Lara has been working since 2000 as an independent psychologist and has extensive experience with short-term psychological treatments. She combines techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR with interviews that provide her patients with new insights.

She is a member of the Dutch Association of Independent Psychotherapists (NVVP), the LVE, the AVGP and the EMDR Association. She is also the founder and director of Psyche and Pregnancy. Continue reading “Merith Cohen de Lara”

Aileen Kennedy

Aileen Kennedy is a GZ-Psychologist and a certified EMDR trauma therapist. She has worked a lot with Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) in both Basic and Specialist GGZ (these are the first two levels of therapy in the Dutch healthcare system).

She is a Mindfulness teacher and also offers the Mindfulness Based Childbirth & Parenting Program (this is a childbirth education course and Mindfulness course in one). Continue reading “Aileen Kennedy”

Wanda Klein

Wanda Klein is a GZ psychologist and works in basic mental health care. In addition to EMDR and schema-therapeutic interventions, she also works with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is applied to issues such as control needs, anxiety and mood complaints. An important part of ACT is mindfulness and researching values. Continue reading “Wanda Klein”

Eva van Ormondt

Eva van Ormondt has worked as an independent psychologist since 1998 . She has extensive experience with short term psychological treatments and partner- and relationship-therapy. She combines techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR .

She is a member of the Netherlands Institute for Psychologists (NIP), the Netherlands Association of relationship and family therapists (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Relatie- en Gezinstherapie: NVRG), and the EMDR Association. Continue reading “Eva van Ormondt”

Saskia Overing – Bots

Saskia Overing has been a healthcare psychologist since 1998 and has experience with long- and short-term treatments. The issues she treats include anxiety and stress related problems, trauma’s, burn out symptoms, obsessive-compulsive symptoms (e.g. fear of contamination), self-esteem problems (such as lack of confidence), oversensitivity and personality problems.

She uses cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR , IBSR (cognitive therapy based on “The Work” by Byron Katie ), EMDR and techniques from the positive psychology and mindfulness movements. Continue reading “Saskia Overing – Bots”

Marloes Seelen

Marloes Seelen is GZ psychologist, EMDR therapist and trauma therapist. She has worked for 10 years as a military psychologist for defense and has treated a variety of disorders under sometimes stressful conditions. Her strength is combining different therapies and interventions.

She likes to combine techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy with influences from positive psychology. In addition, she uses body-oriented interventions.

Marloes treats traumas, anxiety (related) disorders, burn-out, mood disorders, mourning, insufficiently explained physical complaints, low self-esteem and relationship problems. Marloes works for Psyche and Pregnancy in The Hague. Continue reading “Marloes Seelen”

Marion Stronks

Marion Stronks Is a healthcare psychologist, orthopedagogue and EMDR therapist. In 2014 she started her own basic healthcare psychology (GB GGZ) practice.

Until February 2015 she worked as an orthopedagogue and healthcare psychologist for the disabled, where she also has experience with parental guidance, combining cognitive behavioural therapy with EMDR. Continue reading “Marion Stronks”