Romy Damhuis

Romy has been working as a GZ-psychologist since 2021. For Romy, working at Psyche en Zwangerschap is a real opportunity to combine her background as an orthopedagoog (medical pedagogist), her vision on healthcare and her own experience in (young) parenthood. She has worked with people with depression and anxiety symptoms, trauma, burnout, people with low and high intelligence and people who experience problems in contact with themselves and others.

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Esra Schuiling-Kayihan

Esra is a health care psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapist and senior schemafocused therapist. She has years of experience in treating panic disorder, social anxiety, trauma, depression and burnout at HSK. She subsequently worked at NPI as a schemafocused therapist with clients with personality problems.

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Carine Godri

Carine Godri is a GZ psychologist, EMDR therapist, Mindfulness trainer and Coach. She likes a personal, transparent and positive approach in which empowerment of the client plays an important role. 

She combines different treatment methods and interventions, including EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness and Self-compassion. 

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