Esra Schuiling-Kayihan

Esra is a health care psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapist and schemafocused therapist. She has years of experience in treating panic disorder, social anxiety, trauma, depression and burnout at HSK. She subsequently worked at NPI as a schemafocused therapist with clients with personality problems.

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Wanda Klein

Wanda Klein is a GZ psychologist and works in basic mental health care. In addition to EMDR and schema-therapeutic interventions, she also works with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is applied to issues such as control needs, anxiety and mood complaints. An important part of ACT is mindfulness and researching values. Continue reading “Wanda Klein”

Carine Godri

Carine Godri is a GZ psychologist (Registered Health Care Psychologist) and an EMDR therapist. In addition, she is a Coach, Mindfulness trainer and Yoga therapist. Before starting her own practice, she worked many years at the Ministry of Defence as a Military Psychologist. There she gained experience in treating many different types of disorders.

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