Romy Damhuis

Romy has been working as a GZ-psychologist since 2021. For Romy, working at Psyche en Zwangerschap is a real opportunity to combine her background as an orthopedagoog (medical pedagogist), her vision on healthcare and her own experience in (young) parenthood. She has worked with people with depression and anxiety symptoms, trauma, burnout, people with low and high intelligence and people who experience problems in contact with themselves and others.

She is skilled in practicing EMDR, CBT, MBT and AFT. She also uses techniques from Acceptance and commitment Therapy (ACT) and uses body-centered interventions. She views these experiences as a ‘package’; a backpack from which to draw. Her starting point is to treat with evidence-based techniques and then consider what fits best for each individual. She treats on the principle of equality and takes an exploratory, non-judgmental position in conversations.

Romy does not have contracts with health insurance companies. This means the client will advance the bill and submit it to the health insurance company. Depending on the health insurance, the treatment is reimbursed from 60 to 100% (restitutiepolis).

Romy is a member of the NVGzP / NIP and had no contracts with insurers.

Romy also treats in English. However, the client should note that English is not her mother tongue.

Rokin 98
1012 KZ Amsterdam
Room 2
06 19 16 60 88