Vision and mission

The time of pregnancy and birth is a unique period, which can be associated with feelings of joy and happiness. But it is also a time in which psychological symptoms can appear. And if there are any complications then the risk of symptoms can be especially large.

Lack of attention for psychological symptoms

Psychological issues are not always given attention as part of standard healthcare for pregnant women. Moreover, women don’t always recognise that something is wrong. They think that their symptoms are part of the normal physical and hormonal changes that are associated with pregnancy, and often think: “I’m having a baby, shouldn’t I be happy?”.

Prompt treatment prevents symptoms from becoming worse

Psyche and Pregnancy’s vision is that psychological symptoms that occur during pregnancy should be dealt with promptly, however small they may seem. This prevents more complex problems from developing. This applies to both psychological and medical issues. For example, treating anxieties associated with the delivery quickly makes medical intervention less necessary during childbirth.

The aim of the treatments:

  • Better mental health for the woman
  • Less medical intervention during childbirth
  • Better bonding between mother and child
  • Fewer complications after childbirth
  • Reduced risk of postnatal depression

Personal approach and close cooperation

Psyche and Pregnancy takes a personal approach and works closely with midwives, general practitioners and gynaecologists. The lines are short, the psychologists and carers know eachother well and, when necessary, therapists are on hand to advise midwives.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

As a result of the multidisciplinary cooperation in primary care (between midwives, general practitioners and psychologists) women with psychological symptoms can quickly obtain assistance from Psyche and Pregnancy. If a referral is required from a psychiatrist, for example, then this is organised promptly.