Mental disorders in pregnancy

Being pregnant is a new phase of life, which raises specific questions and feelings. In addition to feelings of joy, fear and gloom can also occur. Research shows that one in four women suffers from psychological complaints during pregnancy.

Women who are pregnant after a fertility trajectory can also suffer from anxiety or conflicting feelings.

The treatment concept of Psyche en Zwangerschap focuses on clients with mild to moderate psychological complaints. For example, pregnant women who visit a psychologist from Psyche en Zwangerschap have problems or questions regarding:

  • Gloom and depression
  • Fears (e.g. for childbirth or motherhood)
  • Traumatic childbirth or past trauma
  • Processing loss, grief
  • Worries around the 20-week ultrasound
  • Dilemma surrounding abortion
  • Work-related problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Adjustment problems

Lighter complaints also deserve treatment, because short-term treatment can prevent problems in the future.

Practical example

A 32 -year-old woman registered on the advice of the midwife when she was 16 weeks pregnant with her second child. Unlike her first delivery she was very anxious about the birth. Her first birth was a traumatic experience and it took some time before she became pregnant again. She had nightmares and could not talk about the birth without becoming emotional . After EMDR treatment she looked forward to the birth with excitement and without fear. And she was capable of making a good birth plan with her midwife without bursting into tears.