The treatment concept of Psyche en Zwangerschap focuses mainly on clients with mild to moderate psychological complaints

Having a child, being pregnant, giving birth, are life stages that raise specific questions and feelings. Feelings of joy, but sometimes also uncertainty, fear or gloom. It is normal that you have to get used to the new situation. However, if you feel that you are having problems, or if the feelings or thoughts are adversely affecting daily life, it is wise to seek help.

Psychological complaints during pregnancy

Being pregnant is a new phase of life that raises specific questions and feelings. In addition to feelings of joy, fear and gloom can also occur. Research shows that one in six women suffers from psychological complaints during pregnancy.

Child desire and fertility trajectory

Getting pregnant is an uncontrollable and unpredictable process, especially if fertility treatment is needed. Moreover, the fact that getting pregnant is not automatic can feel unfair and unjust. If you have trouble dealing with this, psychological complaints can arise.

After birth

Not all women are in heaven after giving birth. After a difficult delivery, the chance of psychological complaints is even greater.

Treatment concept

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