Carine Godri

Carine Godri is a GZ psychologist (Registered Health Care Psychologist) and an EMDR therapist. In addition, she is a Coach, Mindfulness trainer and Yoga therapist. Before starting her own practice, she worked many years at the Ministry of Defence as a Military Psychologist. There she gained experience in treating many different types of disorders.

In her practice, Carine helps women and men who would like to get relief from trauma related symptoms, anxiety and mood symptoms, burnout, somatically insufficiently explained physical symptoms, grief and relationship challenges around the topics of infertility, childbirth, post partum and early years of parenting.

She combines different treatment methods and interventions, including EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness and Self-Compassion.She also gives the group Voluit Leven for mothers, which is a combination of ACT and Mindfulness.

She uses a holistic approach and holds the space for you to be fully you and to release and process what is in the way for you to thrive in your life.

Therapy takes place online, in her practice in the center of Amsterdam and walking therapy on the beach in The Hague / Kijkduin. You can choose one mode of therapy or you can make a combination of online and offline.

She is affiliated with the VEN, NVGzP and the VMBN.

Carine has no contracts with health insurers.

Treatment days for Psyche and Pregnancy:
Monday morning and Thursday morning online or walking therapy in The Hague / Kijkduin
Friday in the center of Amsterdam

Psyche en Zwangerschap / Caring Psychology
Lindengracht 53 house
1015KC Amsterdam
06 4178 4257