Voluit Leven for women in a fertility process

A fertility trajectory is essentially uncontrollable, unpredictable and unfair. You have to do everything and there is no guarantee that it will work. That is not how we are used to living and dealing with problems today.

This treatment is aimed at tolerating and dealing with a fertility process. The treatment is based on Voluit Leven, a treatment combination of Acceptance and Commitment therapy and mindfulness, supplemented with knowledge and exercises specifically about and for women in a fertility process.


The treatment consists of eight weekly group meetings in which a chapter from the book Voluit Leven is discussed per week. There is another return session six weeks after the end of the series. An individual introductory meeting will take place for the first meeting.


Merith Cohen de Lara, mental health psychologist. In recent years she has gained a lot of experience in treating women in a fertility process. She has also written a workbook for couples who are in a fertility process.

Practical information

Start Thursday 3rd of September 2020
Eight weekly sessions from 9.00-11.00 am
One return session after six weeks
Number of participants: 4 tot 6 persons
Location: De Roos, Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW Amsterdam


When there is a DSM V condition and a referral from the general practitioner is present, the treatment falls within reimbursed care and is paid by the health insurer. For some insurances, the reimbursement depends on the policy, refund or in-kind, because the therapist does not have a contract with all insurers.


Participants must purchase the book Voluit Leven van Leven by E. Bohlmeier and M. Hulsberg (Boom publisher) for participation in treatment.

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